About "Onaga 4 Rune" (ME)

Onaga a.k.a. Onaga4Rune is a Level Designer, Weapon Modeler, and trustworthy Beta Tester for any type of Unreal Engine 1 or 2 game or mod.

Back in 2006 I started building clan maps for the game, Rune (developed by Human Head Studios). In 2008 I was one of the winners of the Rune - 7th Anniversary Contest. Several months later, I released a Rune co-op mod called "Valhalla belongs to Onaga" where i did most of the work (making a bunch of new maps, and add other Fan-Made stuff together) and brought a new type of co-op gaming to the Rune-Universe. I'm also a member of the Thieves Guild  project. I'm currently specializing in medieval and mystical level building, weapon models, and textures.


What does "Onaga4Rune" and "Spielgruft" have to do with each other?



Nothing! "Spielgruft(Gamecrypt)" is something I do for fun, same as I do as "Onaga4Rune" and therefore I believe it belongs together. "Spielgruft" is the new Home of "Onaga4Rune" and nothing more!

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